Pure relaxation in the thuringian forest

Enjoy Friedrichroda

Blick vom Gottlobstempel in den "Grund". Ganz hinten im Bild ist das "Waldhotel Friedrichroda" zu sehen.

Small-town holidays are fun

For more than 100 years, noise-ridden city dwellers and exercise-hungry people from all over have enjoyed the hospitality of the people of Friedrichroda and the tranquillity of the surrounding forests.

Many of the things that make a holiday an experience in this day and age can be found in Friedrichroda today. On the one hand, there is the much-vaunted Thuringian hospitality in the cafés and restaurants of our town.

An interesting local history room vividly illustrates the life of our ancestors. Here you can also find out what an arschleder is! The Marienglashöhle cave with its magnificent crystal grotto is unique in Europe. Small boutiques invite you to go shopping, benches invite you to linger.

The newly designed spa park has a unique stand of old trees and is a place for music events and small festivals at the weekend.

Hiking shoe & mountain bike

The shady hiking trails around Friedrichroda are lined with cosy resting benches.

Numerous mountains offer views far into the Thuringian countryside.

Rustic forest inns look forward to your visit.

Pastor Kneipp and health

The ideas and observations of Sebastian Kneipp have long been confirmed and recognised today.

For good reason:
Kneipp works and keeps you healthy.

In and around Friedrichroda you will find numerous opportunities to do something good for your health according to Kneipp’s principles.

A Kneipp Experience Day at the Waldhotel

Exercise and water treatments are among the basic applications of the health priest. So you can certainly start the day with dew treading in the park of our hotel.

After a delicious breakfast, a hike around Friedrichroda from one Kneipp treading pool to the next would be a good alternative. There are three of these treading pools in Friedrichroda.

Take advantage of the opportunity to tread water here or take a refreshing arm bath on hot days – the Kneippian’s epresso.

Drinking cure from the Ludowinger Spring

In the Reinhardsbrunn district, water from the Ludowinger spring is drawn from a depth of 58 metres.

You can take the healing water from this spring daily as a drinking cure in one of the two drinking pavilions in the spa park or at the drinking fountain in front of the tourist information.

The water helps with metabolic problems, urinary tract diseases and is good for dental prophylaxis. But you can also simply drink it as a thirst quencher after a long hike, because the water from the Ludowinger spring also tastes good!

Leisure activities

For nature lovers, the Thuringian Forest offers many beautiful leisure activities.

Hiking – not only on the Rennsteig

The Rennsteig is one of the most famous hiking trails in Germany. It runs along the ridge of the Thuringian Forest.

Here, in the western Thuringian Forest, it reaches one of its highest points at 916 metres on the crest of the Großer Inselsberg. You can see from Wartburg Castle in Eisenach across the entire western Thuringian Forest deep into the Thuringian Basin.

It is also beautiful away from the Rennsteig. Everyone wants to climb the Rennsteig, but only the initiated know that there are numerous places in the forest to the right and left of the well-known high-altitude trail that are also worth a hike.

Destinations such as the Regenberg near Friedrichroda, the Schmalwassertalsperre near Tambach-Dietharz or the romantic Lauchagrund in Tabarz are waiting to be discovered by you.

The Waldhotel - Hiking tips

The Thuringian Forest is a wonderful hiking region and we are right in the middle of it. There is so much to discover that we have taken it upon ourselves to put together a few hiking tips for you.

Hiking & cycling – both ideal

Some prefer to enjoy the peace and quiet of the forest on foot, others like to get on their mountain bikes. Both are well catered for on the Rennsteig.

The somewhat wider bicycle trail is usually separate from the Rennsteig itself, so that cyclists and pedestrians do not get in each other’s way.

Leisure tips

Leisure tips in and around Friedrichroda.


Forest swimming pool in Winterstein
  • two 1-metre diving boards
  • Paddling pool, children’s water slide and table tennis tables
  • Volleyball court


Ice rink at the Waltershausen leisure centre
  • 1.800 m2 covered ice rink
  • rustic “Glühweinschänke” with dishes for small appetites
  • a MUST for ice skating fans


Forest Swimming Pool Tambach-Dietharz
  • crystal clear spring water from the Spitter river
  • idyllically situated in one of the valleys around Tambach-Dietharz
  • relaxed swimming in lanes


Lending station
  • Bicycle, cross-country skis, backpack or handcart
  • Rental station prepared for (almost) all wishes
  • Cycling, hiking or cross-country skiing map also available
Bowling alley in the community centre
  • Active and entertaining leisure activities
  • Bad-weather alternative
  • Bowling competition among friends

More info here

Bathing area TABBS
  • Aqua adventure world with 1,400 sqm of water area
  • 25-metre sports pool
  • Flow channel, water fountains and outdoor pool area


Ski rental at the Inselsberg
  • Directly in the centre of the village
  • Cross-country and alpine skiing equipment for children and adults
  • Snowboard equipment, helmets and sledges

More info here

Ski lift at the Inselsberg
  • 2 km of well-prepared ski slopes
  • T-bar lift
  • three difficulty categories

More info here

Segway Tours in the Thuringian Forest
  • on tour with the high-tech scooter in the Thuringian Forest
  • with a guide, in a group or alone
  • from April to November
Exploring tricky routes in the climbing forest
  • Riding a cable car
  • experience two Tarzan jumps in a row
  • conquer the long suspension bridge by bike
Swimming in the Georgenthal swimming pool
  • modern outdoor pool with high standards
  • Beach volleyball
  • Swimming

More info here

Minigolfing in Finsterbergen
  • tournament-ready 18-hole course
  • Fun for the whole family
  • Open from May to September

More info here

Swimming in the Finsterbergen leisure pool
  • idyllically situated
  • many possibilities for sports and adventure
  • large field chess, table tennis, mini golf

More info here

Swimming in the Friedrichroda sports pool
  • Landmarked facility located directly at the spa park
  • 50 m lanes, children’s pool and 10 m diving platform
  • Beach volleyball court

More info here

Bowling fun on the federal bowling alley
  • Room for 44 people in the bowling alley
  • four modern lanes
  • Bowling shoes can be borrowed free of charge on site
Forest swimming pool in Kleinschmalkalden
  • idyllically situated on the outskirts of the village
  • 50m lanes and approx. 1,250 m2 water area
  • Paddling pool, table tennis tables, playground equipment

More info here

Mountain swimming pool in Struth-Helmershof
  • Solar-heated, spacious swimming pool
  • water slide, children’s pool, volleyball court and playground
  • Fun for the whole family
Swimming in the Inselbergbad Brotterode
  • Ideal place for bathing and sauna fun
  • large outdoor pool with current channel
  • water slide, whirlpool and massage loungers



Sauna relaxation in the community centre
  • the soothing effect of warmth is indispensable
  • unwind after an active day in nature
  • relax and recharge your batteries
Recharge your batteries at TABBS balance
  • passive relaxation or active prevention
  • treat yourself to a few extra strokes
  • do something specifically for your health
Punt station at Hammerteich Georgenthal
  • Gondolas
  • Pedal boating
Free bus transfer with the spa card
  • For spa card holders, there is a free bus transfer on lines 844 and 846 between Friedrichroda and Finsterbergen.
Gondola pond in Friedrichroda
  • once laid out by Benedictine monks
  • for the whole family
  • Boat trips from May to October
Recreation and fitness at Parkbad Friedrichroda
  • Active fitness and regenerative therapies
  • Swimming pool
  • Solariums and sauna area

Worth seeing

Architecture in the midst of lush nature
  • Old Tambach Dam – oldest dam in Thuringia
  • built from porphyry quarry stones
  • Arch gravity dam is a listed building
Technical Museum Sawmill
  • Wood processing yesterday and today
  • Technology from 1934
  • Experience traditional technology up close
Guided tours in and around Georgenthal
  • Walk along prehistoric paths
  • follow the tracks of the primordial dinosaurs under expert guidance
  • Discover traces of the first human settlers
The local history museum in Finsterbergen
  • Listed wagoner’s house from the 18th century
  • Historical insight into the development of Finsterbergen from the time of the carters to the present day.
Museum of local history in Friedrichroda
  • Typical from the history of the town and region
  • Original in an old half-timbered house
Mary's Glass Cave in Friedrichroda
  • Gypsum crystal grotto discovered in 1778
  • considered one of the most beautiful and largest
  • Mine open all year round
Stag Horn Processing Martin Funk
  • no assembly line production
  • Production of exclusive products from genuine stag horn by hand
  • “Here the goods do not run off the assembly line, here they are still made with heart and hand”.
Venter Bells Ltd.
  • Specialist for the production of bells and jingles
  • Entry in the “Guinness Book of Records” with the manufacture of the largest cowbell in the world
Hühn Visitor Mine in Trusetal
  • Guided tours through the fluorspar and barite mineral galleries
  • Ride on the “Hühn Express
  • Mining tradition up close
Trusetal Waterfall - THE nature experience
  • 228 steps for the “view from above
  • idyllic waterfall circular walk
  • unique scenery
Dwarf Park at the Trusetal Waterfall
  • 5000 m2 of lovingly designed gardens
  • funicular and dwarf golf
  • Thuringian Garden Gnome Museum
Inselsberg Funpark
  • Thuringia’s spectacular amusement park
  • many different leisure attractions
  • varied playground equipment
  • Panorama barbecue for your physical well-being

Cities of culture in the surrounding area

Discover our beautiful neighbouring towns with culture: Gotha, Erfurt and Weimar.

Gotha – the residential town

The huge baroque Friedenstein Palace towers over the whole of Gotha. With its art collections worth seeing and the baroque Ekhof Theatre, it is a worthwhile destination for an excursion.

Weimar – the classics send their regards!

Weimar was the hometown of Germany’s greatest poet, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Goethe’s home on the Frauenplan is just as worth seeing as his garden house in the park on the Ilm. In addition, the places where Herder, Wieland and of course Schiller worked await your visit! And Weimar’s old town is simply worth seeing!

Erfurt – Cathedral and Medieval Old Town

Erfurt captivates visitors with its superbly restored medieval city centre.

Crowned by St. Mary’s Cathedral and the Church of St. Severus, you can discover something new around every corner in the small alleyways: small cafés and shops, exhibitions and museums and an almost Mediterranean flair ensure that you simply feel at home in Erfurt.

Waldhotel hiking tips

Discover the Thuringian Forest & its surroundings on foot.

Hiking tips around Friedrichroda


Friedrichroda with its favorable location at the foot of the Thuringian Forest, only four kilometers from the Rennsteig, is an El Dorado for hikers.

We have put together a few tours for you to follow and enjoy. Two hikes start directly at the hotel. The starting points of the other tours can be reached after a short ride with the Thuringian Forest Railway or the public bus.

Blick vom Gottlobstempel in den "Grund". Ganz hinten im Bild ist das "Waldhotel Friedrichroda" zu sehen.

View from the Gottlobstempel in the direction of Rennsteig. The last house on the left in the valley is the Waldhotel Friedrichroda.

To the Maria Spring and the Schauenburg


Many a Friedrichrodaer still tackles the climb to Schauenburgswiese to fetch fresh spring water from the legendary Mariaquelle. Clear and pure, it bubbles all year round from a captured spring into a small pond.

We would also like to recommend a hike up there to the guests of our hotel: You start at the bridge over the reed water, which leads to the Herzogsweg shortly below the hotel. On a shady forest path it goes about two kilometers in the direction of Friedrichroda. Shortly before the first house of the town, the Burgweg branches off to the left. The ascent – about one kilometer – is rewarded when you discover the path to the Schauenburgswiese. In the lower area you will find the idyllic Schauenburgstein. A meadow path leads further up along the edge of the forest to the Mariaquelle spring.

After refreshing yourself with the freshest spring water you’ve enjoyed in a long time, you have three alternatives.

You can climb the mountain where the Schauenburg castle stood in 1044. From the ancestral castle of the Ludowinger, the first Thuringian landgrave dynasty, only remains of the walls can be guessed. Nevertheless, the summit with its rocks, steps and old beech trees has a mystical aura. And the distant view is not to be scoffed at either.

A second beautiful route leads past the Thomas-Kleins-Wiese into the Kesselgraben, from which a forest road ends again at the starting point, the bridge near the Waldhotel. Alternatively, you can hike back to the Burgweg and on to the “Tanzbuche” forest inn, where refreshments are sure to be waiting for you.

Blick vom Gottlobstempel in den "Grund". Ganz hinten im Bild ist das "Waldhotel Friedrichroda" zu sehen.

Clear fresh spring water is the reward after the ascent to Mariaquelle.

Blick vom Gottlobstempel in den "Grund". Ganz hinten im Bild ist das "Waldhotel Friedrichroda" zu sehen.

The Schauenburg meadow. On the left at the edge of the forest is the Mariaquelle, at the lower end is the Schauenburgsteich hidden. On the mountain on the right in the picture, stood in the early Middle Ages the Schauenburg.

Got wanderlust?

Then look forward to wonderful nature experiences and relaxing moments at the Waldhotel Friedrichroda – in the middle of the Thuringian Forest.

Winter holiday

At winter time in the Thuringian Forest.

Cross-country skiing and downhill skiing in the Thuringian Forest

In winter, the Thuringian Forest shows its brilliant side. Forests covered in deep snow invite you to go snowshoeing!

Cross-country ski trails are groomed around Friedrichroda. For downhill enthusiasts, the Skilifit on the Großer Inselsberg is in motion. Younger guests can let off steam on their toboggans on our fast-paced toboggan runs.

Tourismusverband Thüringer Wald / Gothaer Land e.V.

You can also discover many other excursion destinations and hiking tips in and around Friedrichroda here.


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