Father Kneipp and health

Sebastian Kneipp’s ideas and observations have long since been confirmed and acknowledged.

For a good reason:
Kneipp works and keeps you healthy.

In and around Friedrichroda you will find numerous possibilities to do something good for your health according to Kneipp’s principles.

Waldbach Friedrichroda
Wassertreten in Friedrichroda

A Kneipp – Adventure day at the Waldhotel

Exercise and water treatments are among the basic uses of the health pastor.

So you can start the day with a dewdrop in the park of our hotel.
After a delicious breakfast, a hike around Friedrichroda from one Kneipp basin to the next would be a good alternative. Three of these pedals are located in Friedrichroda.

Take the opportunity to step into the water here or take a refreshing bath on hot days – the Kneippian’s epresso.

Drinking cure from the Ludowinger Spring

In the district of Reinhardsbrunn, the water from the Ludowinger spring is pumped out of 58 metres below ground.

You can drink the healing water from this spring every day in one of the two drinking pavilions in the spa park or at the fountain in front of the tourist information office.
The water helps with metabolic problems, urinary tract diseases and is good for dental prophylaxis. But you can also drink it as a thirst quencher after a long hike, because the water from the Ludowinger spring tastes good too!

Ludowinger Quelle