The Hühn Visitor Mine

An honourable memento of mining “Glück auf`!”

The Hühn visitor mine is located at the foot of the Hainberg, was opened in 1996 and was a fully productive facility until 1991. For this reason, visitors can get a hands-on experience of mining technology here.

A brief review

In 1989/90 the Wende came and brought about a structural change in East Germany. Unfortunately, the Trusetal mining industry was not competitive and thus it meant its end. One by one, the operation of the individual mining districts ceased, forming a break in the history of the village of Trusetal. Generations of inhabitants were rooted in the mining industry and so it happened that about 700 employees lost their jobs. A century-long tradition in the old district of Schmalkalden thus came to an end.
On 31 March 1990, the Mining and Local History Society of Trusetal was founded and set itself the task of maintaining the tradition of local mining. The Hühn mine was to remain in existence as a visitor mine. Unfortunately, the political community prohibited any necessary support for this project for the time being. Thus, the closure of the mine facilities and the loading ramp as well as the complete closure and abandonment of the mine were imminent.
However, Volker Morgenroth, a geologist by training, worked hard to have parts of the Hühn mine’s facilities listed by the Erfurt monuments authority. After consultations with the mining and local history association, the mayor Richard Hörnlein, who was elected in 1994, took up the idea of a visitor mine, which had been put on hold. In June 1995, the municipality of Trusetal was able to acquire part of the outer area of the Hühn mine. The civil engineers Michael Keilhold and Christian Fischer were responsible for preparing the Hühn mine as an adventure and visitor mine.
On 12 May 1996, the visitor mine was ceremoniously opened to the public under the direction of Christian Fischer. The mining association hired two mine guides who reminded the public of the old days of mining in Trusetal with expert guided tours.
In 1998, the Trusetaler Tourismus GmbH was founded. As it turned out to be very difficult for the association to manage the mine on its own, the mining and local history association handed over the visitor mine to the GmbH. The association now has the main task of maintaining and caring for the visitor mine. The association also organises festive events, such as the annual “Mettenschicht” on 30 December. It symbolised the last shift in the Hühn mine.

The pictures were provided by Björn Storandt (Chairman of the Mining and Local History Society of Trusetal)

Guided tours

From April to the end of October, you can immerse yourself in the world of mining for about 1 hour every day from 10:00, 11:15, 12:30, 13:45, 15:00 and 16:15.

Special guided tours can also be booked outside regular opening hours by telephone (minimum 6 people) on 036840 412341.


Adults 6,50 € | registered in the group 6,00 €
Children (up to 14 years) 4,00 € | registered in the group 3,50 € | children up to 3 years free admission